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Julia started accumulating a residential and commercial property investment portfolio in 2005 with the purchase of 78 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, a Georgian building comprising a commercial ground floor let to Chelmsford Star Co-Operative Society Limited with 2 apartments over. This building remains part of Julia’s freehold investment portfolio and was extended upwards a few years later to add two further apartments to the investment.

At October 2020 the portfolio comprises 57 residential and 3 commercial properties with a value of around £14 million geared to 65% of GDV and producing a rent role of circa £600k pa.

Julia MacKay Properties directly manage their entire portfolio, they do not use managing agents for this service.

Chancellors Place, Chelmsford

Julia MacKay Properties own and let 2 x 2 bed / 2 bathroom and 1 x 2 bed / 1 bathroom apartments on ASTs in this development.

Barley House, Great Barton, Bury St Edmunds

A Julia MacKay Properties development completed in December 2018, delivering 18 x 1 bed apartments, retained for investment. 1 of the apartments has been sold and 17 retained in the Portfolio.

78 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford

This was our first investment and was purchased in 2005 and extended by the addition of another floor in 2010 and now comprising 4x1 bed apartments and a 1,200 sq ft commercial unit let to Chelmsford Star Co-Operative Society Limited.

The Old Bank, 63 High Street, Kelvedon

This is a former Barclays Bank building purchased in 2017 and now converted to provide 4 versatile commercial units. The ground floor units are let to Kelvedon Parish Council and a kitchen design company, the top floor is occupied by JMP and DMD.

A planning application will be submitted in March 2023 to convert the building to a detached 4 bedroom house.

1 Rectory Lane, Chelmsford

This is a 22 apartment freehold development by JMP, completed in 2017 and substantially retained for investment. 3 of the apartments have been sold and 19 retained in the Portfolio.

5-6 Salmon Parade, New Street, Chelmsford

This building comprises 5 apartments over ground floor retail let to a disability equipment retailer – this property was developed in 2013 by Julia in the development company Dyer MacKay Developments Limited which she owns in equal part with her son Ben. Julia now owns all of these properties in her own name

80 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford

This property was purchased freehold in 2011 and was converted in to 9 apartments from an office.

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